Dr Dwivedi's Speciality Ano-Rectal Clinic

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What are Anal fistulae?

An anal fistula is an abnormal track between anal canal and the peni anal skin. That is generally often called 'Bhagandar'.This has an exterior opening (secondary opening) within the perianal skin and an inside opening (primary opening) in the anal canal or rectum

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What causes anal Fistula?

Commonest cause is Perinial abscess because of infection of anal gland. Other causes are Crohns disease, Ulcerative colitis, Tuberculosis most widespread trigger for a number of fistulae, Colloid carcinoma of the rectum and HIV.

What are the symptoms of Fistula?

Recurrent discharging Boil at Peri-anal skin usually related to past history of perianal abscess
Other signs are Pain at peri-anal area, Pus Discharge, Itching and Fever

Management at SARC :

In early stage Enema of Medicated oil together with Herbal palliative medicines is given. Nonetheless established and power circumstances are treated with a novel procedure i.e by Ksharsura ligation wherein herbal medicated thread is handed by the monitor which helps in therapeutic of fistula naturally.